The Gaede Family

In 2006, we became aware of the ignored 22 year civil war taking place in Northern Uganda.  We were wrecked!  We decided out loud, “We can’t just sit here!  We need to do something!” God continued stirring in our hearts and opening doors.  In 2008, our belongings were  sold and all preparations made, so we took our daughters (ages 4 & 8) and moved to Africa.  We left our family and friends and began our new adventure in Gulu, Uganda. We believe we have the greatest job in the world and have thoroughly enjoyed the work we have been privileged to be part of.  Years later, we are even more inspired to take this program to other war-torn areas in need.  It is working! God is moving through it, touching thousands! We have expanded to South Sudan and to refugee settlements throughout Uganda… and hope to continue expanding!

The work is not the only area of our life that is expanding!  We have been blessed with a new Ugandan daughter, who joined our family in 2011.  She was 14 years old and pregnant when we first took her in, and now we are blessed with our beautiful GRANDSON, Elijah.

In 2016, the Gaedes will be beginning a new area of their ministry, Tutapona…this time in the Middle East.