We recognize the importance of prayer as an integral part of each of our core values.

Reaching up & treasuring Christ

Prayer brings us into the presence of God like nothing else on earth can.  It is God’s prescribed way for us to draw near to Him.  We believe that the main purpose of prayer is not to ask God for things we think we need.  Rather, it is to align our hearts with His heart so that we can see our lives from His perspective, long for His will to be done, and glorify Him as our greatest treasure. Matthew 6:9-10, Psalm 5:3

Reaching in & becoming like Christ

Prayer plays a key role in the growth and maturity of the believer.  Becoming like Christ cannot happen without prayer.  He modeled it, and we are to follow His example.  Praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ is the best way to help them to become like Him, as only He knows their needs and His plans for them. Matthew 26:41, Corinthians 1:11

Reaching out & sharing Christ

No evangelistic effort can really succeed without prayer.  From personal witness to large outreach events, prayer is required if hearts are to be prepared to hear the gospel, and if we are to be prepared to share it with love and concern for the eternal well-being of each of them.  Before sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others, we need to admit our total dependence upon Him and seek His guidance in presenting the truth in love. Matthew 9:37-38, Romans 10:1-4